It's true! Candles make you feel better.

It's true! Candles make you feel better.

With all the stress that modern life brings, it has become more important than ever that we look after ourselves by making ourselves a priority. 

Self-care encompasses every aspect of our health including spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. Self-care looks different for everyone and that is totally ok. Everyone has their own way to make themselves feel better.

Scented candles are one of the many inexpensive and effortless ways to start incorporating self-care into your daily or weekly routine. But, how will a simple candle jar bring me happiness and help me take better care of myself you might be asking yourself.  Scented candles fall under the category of the most powerful senses that we have: our sense of smell. Take a moment, and really think about this. Have you ever walked past a restaurant or a small boutique and the smell floating from it triggered beautiful memories for you? Or walked in a hotel and the smell instantly made you feel happy? Made you feel relaxed? Made you feel excited? Why not recreate the same emotional link to your brain with scented candles by triggering pleasant feelings of nostalgia and blissfulness. Certain scents, different for everyone of course, have positive effects on mood, help with stress reduction, help us fall asleep better and it even gives us self-confidence to conquer the day.

Lighting scented candles can be a great way to show yourself some love. Here are 6 easy ways to incorporate candles into your daily routine.

1- When meditating

2- When reading a book

3- When writing in your journal. The Five Minute Journal is an exceptional tool for self-care 

4- When taking a bath/shower

5- When cooking/baking

6- When watching TV and decompressing after a long day


Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of self-love.

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