About Us



Welcome to Nanor
From the moment we poured our first candle, we’ve been defining a new genre of luxury that reflects our values and our philosophy. We call it nouveau luxe.

At first glance, nouveau luxe looks a lot like the luxury you know. We use only premium ingredients and materials, and we infuse extravagance and beauty in every detail. You get unparalleled quality, every time. But there are a few important differences between standard luxury and nouveau luxe.

First, our version of luxury demands integrity of purpose. We believe it is our duty to care for our animals and our planet with the same dedication we give our craft. That means all of our Nanor products are cruelty free, sustainable and eco-friendly, from our soy wax down to our packaging.

The other timeless, glorious difference lies in why we create. In what has become a world of unrelenting urgency, we believe that nothing is more luxurious than taking time for yourself — time to exhale, time to ponder, and time to dream. So in each and every Nanor candle and body scrub we give you more than just a luxury product. We give you time. We give you a reason to luxuriate.

We pour our candles with care

All Nanor premium scented candles are crafted in Canada with natural soy wax, which burns longer — and cleaner — than standard paraffin wax. And because soy wax is derived from renewable resources and is biodegradable, you can feel good about taking care of yourself and the planet.
We create scents for every atmosphere

All Nanor scents are infused with natural and timeless extracts. From delicate notes of rose and jasmine that will send you waltzing through a blooming English garden to the amber and vetiver scent notes that will transport you to a luxe little chalet in the Alps, you can create the atmosphere you desire in the oasis you call home.