About Us

About Us
Welcome To Nanor
Simple yet luxurious, natural yet beautifully scented, NANOR products are that perfect in between we didn't know existed. NANOR was founded in 2008 in Canada. We believe that in an age of urgency, nothing is more luxurious than taking time. Taking the time for ourselves to relax and light a candle, taking the time to take care of our minds, taking care of our skin and body.
NANOR is an evolving brand that aims to be part of your everyday routine. Whether it's lighting a candle while reading, using our scrubs while taking a shower or using our Konjac sponges while cleansing your skin. Because in the end, we believe that routine is key, and the key is Nanor.
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Whether you are looking for a little pick me up, a gift for a loved one or an add-on to your existing candle or skin care collection, we have something for everyone.
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